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Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices
Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices linked to Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

We are the Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices law firm. We are currently investigating several dangerous drugs and defective medical devices cases where there has been a withdrawal or recall of the drug/device from the market or where we believe there have been far more serious health effects than reported by the manufacturer.

Prescription drugs can be defective in several ways, including: incorrect medication dosages during product manufacturing, quality control issues, undisclosed dangerous side effects and contamination. Suffering a dangerous side effect from a defective drug can severely alter your quality of life, or even be fatal.

Defective Drug and Defective Medical Devices Under Investigation

Bard PowerPort Failure Lawsuits

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Bard PowerPort Failure Lawsuits
Bard PowerPort Failure Lawsuits, the device is linked to death, blood clots, breakage and other injuries

Bard PowerPort Failure lawsuits are being filed against Bard alleging that the implantable intravenous ports have serious design defects that cause the devices to break apart and migrate, leading to catastrophic life-threatening injuries, including infections, and blood clots among other injuries. The FDA approved the first Bard PowerPort device in 2000.

What is the Bard PowerPort device?

The Bard PowerPort is a specific brand and type of implantable port device, which is commonly used in medical treatments requiring frequent access to the venous system for the delivery of medications, chemotherapy, blood products, and for the withdrawal of blood samples. The Bard PowerPort is manufactured by C.R. Bard, Inc. (now part of Becton, Dickinson and Company).

PFAS and PFOS Water Contamination Lawsuits

PFAS and PFOS Water Contamination is going to be one of the greatest environmental challenges of the 21st century. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) are a group of human-made chemicals that have been used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products since the 1950s.

PFAS and PFOS Water Contamination
PFAS and PFOS Water Contamination can lead to life-threatening cancers and serious diseases

These chemicals are persistent in the environment and in the human body, and exposure to them has been linked to various adverse health effects, including cancer, reproductive and developmental issues, immune system dysfunction, and other health problems.

Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease Lawsuits

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Paraquat Parkinson's Disease
Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease. The use of Paraquat herbicide linked to developing Parkinson’s disease

Paraquat Parkinson’s Disease link. Paraquat lawsuits in the United States primarily revolve around allegations that exposure to the herbicide Paraquat is linked to the development of Parkinson’s disease (PD).

These legal actions have been filed by agricultural workers, farmers, and others who claim that their exposure to Paraquat through its use in farming and agricultural practices resulted in them developing Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurodegenerative disorder.

The lawsuits target manufacturers and distributors of Paraquat, including Syngenta and Chevron Chemical Company, among others.

Tepezza Hearing Loss

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Tepezza hearing loss
Tepezza can lead to hearing loss which may be permanent

Tepezza, is also known as teprotumumab, is the first FDA-approved drug for treating thyroid eye disease, but according to patients, it causes serious hearing loss.

Tepezza is made by an Irish company called Horizon Therapeutics, based in Dublin, Ireland. According to some patients who have taken Tepezza, they have reported various hearing problems, including increased sensitivity to sound, persistent ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus, temporary and permanent hearing loss, and much more.

Metal on Metal Hip Failures

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Metal on Metal hip failures
Metal on Metal hip failures

The doctors and hip manufacturers hailed metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants as a revolutionary development for patients requiring hip replacements. However, over the past few years, several serious concerns arose about these implants, leading to numerous lawsuits against the manufacturers. Metal on Metal hip implants fail prematurely at a high rate and may need revision surgery to correct.

We are currently handling the following MoM hip implants made by the following manufacturers.

Biomet M2A and Magnum Hips

Exactech Hips

Smith and Nephew BHR and R3 Hips

Stryker ABG II, Rejuvenate, Accolade and VFit 40 Hips

Wright Conserve and Profemur

Zimmer M/L Taper Hip, M/L Taper Hip with Kinectiv Technology, and VerSys Femoral Head hip implants

Exactech Knee Implant Failure

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Exactech Knee Implant Failure
Exactech Knee Implant Failure linked to painful and expensive revision surgery

Exactech Knee Implant Failure. Plastic polyethylene inserts with 147,732 recalled Exactech knee implant devices may degrade prematurely causing failure rates 3 to 7 times higher than other total knee replacement systems.

Scope of the Exactech Knee Implant Failure

A huge recall has begun for more than 140,000 Exactech knee implant replacement devices implanted in the United States since 2004. The Exactech knee implant replacement devices, have a defectively packaged polyethylene insert that may cause the knee implants to fail prematurely, resulting in the need for additional painful and expensive surgery.

Suboxone and Teeth Damage

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Suboxone and Teeth Damage
Suboxone and Teeth Damage linked to the film strips

Suboxone use is linked to teeth damage and the need for painful dental extractions. Suboxone is a popular prescription medication approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to treat Opioid use disorder (OUD).

Suboxone oral film is highly acidic and its the acid that dissolves the enamel leading to teeth damage.

IVC Filter Fracture and Perforation

Bard Recovery & G2 IVC Filter Perforation. We are evaluating, accepting and filing Bard Recovery and G2 IVC Filter injury lawsuit cases.

Dangerous Drug and Defective Medical Devices. Bard IVC filter Injury Attorney
Bard IVC filters have been linked to catastrophic injuries and death

The Dr Shezad Malik Law Firm is investigating serious and catastrophic injuries associated with the Cook Celect and Gunther line of vena cava filters.

Cordis Optease & Trapease IVC Filter Lawsuits. Cordis Corporation makes the OptEase and TrapEase IVC filters, which are designed to prevent pulmonary embolisms Unfortunately, recent studies have found alarming rates of filter fracture, perforation, migration, and tilting when the filters are not removed after a few months.

Bair Hugger Hip and Knee Infection

Many hip and knee surgery patients develop bacterial infections of their implants, leading to painful re-do surgeries, long term antibiotic use and in severe cases amputation because of overwhelming infection.

There are many causes for this, including patient and surgical factors and some experts speculate that it may be related to the bacteria in the operative room and hospital, since it is impossible to make the surgical room and hospital completely free of bacteria.

Now, a new source of surgical infections may be a likely culprit. 3M and their Arizant Healthcare subsidiary are exposed to personal injury and product liability lawsuits over hip and knee replacement infections caused by Bair Hugger warming blankets.

What is the Bair Hugger Warming blanket?

The Bair Hugger has been used in many orthopedic joint replacement procedures over the past 30 years, including hip and knee replacement surgery.

The device blows hot air onto the patient’s body, the forced air warming (FAW) to help control the patient’s body temperature during surgery.


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