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Bard Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Perforation. I am fielding many calls from concerned women from all over the United States regarding their failed Bard Avaulta Vaginal Mesh replacement or bladder sling device.

Bard Avaulta Vaginal Mesh
Bard Avaulta Vaginal Mesh linked to pain and expensive revision surgeries

Many injured women have called to complain about the serious side effects and complications they have developed after undergoing transvaginal mesh placement, including recurrent urinary incontinence, mesh erosion, uterus prolapse, infection and painful intercourse.

Some women have developed perforation of the mesh into their vaginas or developed serious erosions, requiring multiple surgeries to try and fix the complications.

Injured by Bard Avaulta Vaginal Mesh?

The Bard Avaulta Mesh attorneys at Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm are evaluating potential claims for women throughout the country who have experienced problems or complications following surgical procedures to treat pelvic organ prolapse.

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Serious Vaginal Mesh Bard Avaulta Injuries

Bard Avaulta mesh lawsuits are being evaluated and reviewed for women who have experienced:

  • Infection
  • Erosion of the mesh into the vagina
  • Urinary problems
  • Pelvic Pain and Vaginal Pain
  • Hardening of the vaginal mesh
  • Difficulty during sex after vaginal surgery

Over 100,000 Active Mesh Injury Lawsuits

There are more than 100,000 complaints filed in U.S. District Courts over injuries with transvaginal mesh and bladder sling products. These medical devices have been used for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and female stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

All of the lawsuits claim that the vaginal mesh products were defectively designed and that the manufacturers failed to warn about the risk of complications where the mesh erodes through the vagina, causing severe injuries and infection.

In product liability lawsuits, it is usual for a MDL or multidistrict litigation to be organized to centralize the proceedings, reduce discovery, and avoid inconsistent jury verdicts.

Vaginal Mesh Litigation

The cases have been centralized before Judge Goodwin for coordinated pretrial proceedings in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia.

According to the latest case list released on January 18, 2018, by the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML), there are at least 15,613 Bard Avaulta mesh, 25,393 Boston Scientific mesh, 39,638 Ethicon mesh, 21,191 American Medical Systems (AMS) mesh, and 2,634 Coloplast mesh lawsuits.

Vaginal Mesh Trials and Settlements

The first federal vaginal mesh trial resulted in a $2 million jury award for a woman injured by Bard Avaulta mesh, including $1.5 million in punitive damages designed to punish the manufacturer.

Several bellwether trials have taken place for lawsuits involving vaginal mesh products manufactured by AMS, Boston Scientific and Ethicon.

These bellwether trials are designed to settle vaginal mesh cases, and many settlement agreements have been reached in mesh cases to avoid costly and lengthy individual trials.

Bard Avaulta Mesh Lawsuits Have Settled

C.R. Bard Inc., has agreed to settle many of its Avaulta vaginal-mesh implant lawsuits, which allegedly caused severe urinary problems.

Bard Avaulta Mesh Injury Attorney

Bard agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to resolve Melanie Virgil’s claims that Bard’s Avaulta Plus insert caused urinary problems. Virgil’s case had been set for a trial in state court in Atlantic City. According to the filings, the 56-year-old woman said she needed three surgeries to address urinary problems created by the insert.

This is the second vaginal-mesh case Bard settled before trial. A federal jury in Charleston, West Virginia, ordered the device maker to pay $2 million to a woman who blamed the company’s Avaulta devices for her injuries.

California Bard Verdict 2012

A California state court jury found Bard liable for a woman’s injuries related to an Avaulta implant in the first case to go trial in a U.S. court. The California jurors said the company should pay $5.5 million in damages. Bard is liable for only $3.6 million under that state’s law.

A West Virginia jury said that Bard should pay $250,000 in compensatory damages and $1.75 million in punitive damages to Donna Cisson, a nurse from Georgia who had an Avaulta Plus device implanted. Cisson said the mesh damaged her organs, in the first case to be tried in federal court.

A second federal trial was scheduled to begin in August 2013, filed by Wanda Queen. A Bard Avaulta settlement was reached on the first day of trial, avoiding another substantial jury award.

What is Vaginal Mesh?

Transvaginal Mesh plastic implants are also referred to as a pelvic sling, bladder mesh, or transvaginal mesh vaginal mesh support systems. These medical products, the transvaginal mesh vaginal mesh support systems are used to fix pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, and have now been found to cause serious internal injuries in women.

If you have experienced vaginal mesh complications following pelvic organ prolapse surgery or stress urinary incontinence surgery, our vaginal mesh lawyers may be able to help you pursue significant compensation for the vaginal mesh problems you are experiencing.

Vaginal Mesh Manufacturers

The Dr. Shezad Malik law firm is currently accepting new transvaginal mesh claims against the following manufacturers:

Johnson & Johnson

  • Ethicon TVT
  • Gynecare TVT
  • Gynemesh PS
  • Prolene Polypropylene Mesh Patch
  • Secur


  • Avaulta Plus™ BioSynthetic Support System
  • Avaulta Solo™ Synthetic Support System
  • Faslata® Allograft
  • Pelvicol® Tissue
  • PelviSoft® Biomesh
  • Pelvitex™ Polypropylene Mesh

American Medical Systems (AMS)

  • SPARC®

Boston Scientific

  • Advantage™ Sling System
  • Obtryx® Curved Single
  • Obtryx® Mesh Sling
  • Prefyx Mid U™ Mesh Sling System
  • Prefyx PPS™ System

FDA Vaginal Mesh Alert TVM

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued Public Health Notifications concerning the use of vaginal mesh products or bladder slings for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

The FDA warning urged patients and their healthcare providers to consider alternatives to transvaginal mesh (TVM). TVM is a medical device implanted surgically to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

Recent research shows that at least 10% of women who have received TVM implants suffer from mesh erosion within 12 months of surgery and more than half of these patients require additional surgery to remove the mesh following complications.

Bard Avaulta Mesh Side Effect and Complications

The Bard Avaulta Biosynthetic Support System referred to as Bard Avaulta Mesh is a vaginal mesh created by C.R. Bard to correct and restore normal vaginal structure after a pelvic organ prolapse. A number of women treated with the Bard Avaulta system have claimed that defects in the design of the vaginal mesh caused them to suffer severe injuries and complications after surgery.

Synthetic mesh systems like the Bard Avaulta have been associated with numerous reports of problems, involving erosion, extrusion, infection, hardening of the mesh, chronic pain and damage to surrounding organs.

Although the manufacturer, C.R. Bard, knew or should have known about the risk of problems with Bard Avaulta mesh, they continued to market and promote the product as a safe and effective for treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, while minimizing the risks of a Bard Avaulta procedure.

The Bard Avaulta is designed to allow tissue infiltration, which makes it complicated to remove the vaginal mesh. Removal of eroded or infected Bard Avaulta mesh poses a risk of permanent disfigurement, hemorrhage, and other potentially life-threatening problems.

Despite the known risks of Bard Avaulta procedure complications, the manufacturer failed to adequately research the product and establish that it provides both long term and short-term efficacy. In addition, they concealed known risks and failed to warn of the dangers and risks with Bard Avaulta mesh for pelvic organ prolapse.

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Our law firm’s principal office is in Dallas and we have offices in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm represents clients in dangerous drug and dangerous medical device lawsuits nationwide.

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