5 Important Factors to Know About Your Truck Accident Injury

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5 Important Factors to Know About Your Truck Accident Injury

5 Important Factors to Know About Your Truck Accident Injury

In life, very few accidents can match the catastrophic effects of 18-wheeler tractor trailer accidents. Commercial trucks on our highways can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds; there is no contest in a rumble with a 3,000 pound car or a 5,000 pound SUV.

Truck drivers are usually paid by the hour, and therefore they have the financial incentive to work long hours without breaks and to take short cuts.

Drivers are required by federal law to take mandatory rest breaks, but many truckers ignore those safety guidelines. Some drivers use medications or illicit drugs to stay awake, leading to reduced concentration and consciousness. This reckless behavior leads to accidents, personal injuries, property damage and even wrongful deaths.

Once your injuries have been treated, you must begin to consider all your options for securing financial compensation for the personal injury done to you. The best way to get your family back on track from such a catastrophe, is to obtain monetary compensation from the liable party or parties.

You may have missed work due to your injuries, so paying for medical bills and repair bills can be can be impossible unless you make a claim from the party or parties who caused your injuries.

We have to first identify how the accident occurred and which negligent parties caused the wreck. The following could have caused a truck accident: the trucker, the trucking company, manufacturers of the truck or trailer, the company that planned the truck’s route, the company that loaded the truck, or other third parties.

If the truck driver’s negligence caused your accident; the trucking company is also liable. Trucks and trailers are comprised of many mechanical parts that ensure the safe operation of the vehicle. If any of these components fail, then an accident can result. If this malfunction was caused by a design defect or manufacturing defect and a truck crash occurs, then people injured in the accident have the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Trucking companies often depend upon on contracting out the planning of safe routes to other companies. If this planning company plots a course that proves dangerous for 18-wheelers, then a lawsuit can be filed against that party.

If you have suffered an injury or a family member has died in an 18-wheeler accident in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you need to hire a Dallas Fort Worth truck accident lawyer to safeguard your legal rights and help you recover the fair compensation you deserve.

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